Daikin FBQ125C8/RZQSG125L8Y1 13.6KW 43,000btu (3 PHASE) Built in DC Ducted- Seasonal Classic Inverter System


• The new inverter fan ducted units, provides both drastic energy savings and simplifies installation
• Automatically adjusts air volume against ESP at commissioning
• Seasonally Efficient Inverter Technology gives up to 25% better efficiency than inverter technology
• Comms, computer and server room cooling possible with EDP setting
• Selectable evaporating & condensing temperature for greater operating efficiency
• Fan speed: 2 fan speeds can be selected, high or low
• Suitable for Twin, Triple and Double Twin applications
• Re-use of existing R22 and R407C piping possible
• DIII net compatibility as standard

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Please see attached photo for technical specification.