Daikin FCQG100F/RZQG100L8Y1 10.8KW 36,000btu (3 PHASE) Compact Roundflow Cassette - Seasonal Smart Inverter System


• FCQG is a compact cassette designed to suit installation in narrower ceiling voids
• The unique 360° radial air pattern ensures uniform air flow and temperature distribution
• Air flow flexibility: a wide selection of 23 different air flow patterns accessible via remote controller
• Optional Presence Sensors detects if room is unoccupied and allows temperature to drift to set-back levels
• Optional Self Cleaning Filter: The BYCQ140DG decoration panel can offer energy savings, reduced maintenance time and cost
• Optional Fresh Air intake (up to 20%) possible
• Re-use of existing R22 and R407C piping possible
• Comms, computer and server room cooling possible with EDP setting (Seasonal Smart)
• Selectable evaporating & condensing temperature for greater operating efficiency (Seasonal Smart)
• DIII net compatibility as standard

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Self Cleaning Panel

Daikin’s Roundflow Cassette can be equipped with a special filter that cleans

itself once a day, ensuring consistent, optimum performance.


Efficiency gains up to 50% compared to standard panels.*

The dust collected during daily auto-cleaning is stored in

a dust box that can hold up to 12 months of dust, with an

indicator light showing when to clean the dust box. Under

normal circumstances, annual or bi-annual cleaning by in-house

maintenance personnel using an ordinary vacuum cleaner is

all that is needed: no ladders, no need to touch the cassette

panel or come in contact with the dust.



* Reference: Coral, Wolverhampton case study.