Daikin Siesta ABQ140A/AZQS140BV1 14.9KW 48,000btu Ceiling Concealed Unit - Inverter System

The concealed ceiling unit is a ducted air conditioning
unit that fits in a void, saving space in the room.
Only the grilles are visible to add to the aesthetics.
Ideal for light commercial applications such as shops,
restaurants and small offices with suspended ceilings
or ceiling voids. Can be installed in both new and
existing buildings.


• Heat pump
• Automatically selects heating or cooling mode
• Concealed unit
• Compact dimensions
• Air filter
• Inverter technology


• Heating or cooling modes
• Efficiently achieves set temperature
• Improved aesthetics as only suction & discharge grilles are visible
• Can easily be mounted in a narrow ceiling void
• Removal of dust particles to ensure clean air
• Reduces the power consumption by up to 30% compared to non inverter units

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