Daikin Siesta ATX25JV/ARX25JV 2.5KW 9,000btu Wall Mounted Unit - Inverter System

These popular indoor units can be mounted on virtually any type of wall,
leaving space free for furniture, decoration and fittings. Wall mounted units
are very quiet in operation.

• Inverter technology: reduces the power consumption by up to 30% compared to non inverter units and ensures
maximum comfort, low noise and reliability.
• Comfort mode: guarantees draught free operation. When cooling, the flap is positioned horizontally to prevent cold air flow
directly onto the body. When heating, the flap turns vertically downwards to direct warm air to the bottom of the room.
• Night set mode: prevents any sudden change in room temperature by gently raising/lowering the temperature before
the system stops, so you can sleep more comfortably.
• Powerful operation: activates the maximum air volume for 20 minutes to cool or warm the room quickly. After this,
the system automatically returns to its original setting.
• Titanium apatite photocatalytic air purifying filter: superior adsorption power. Besides mould and odours, it also effectively
adsorbs and decomposes bacteria and viruses for effective purification and deodorisation of the air inside the room.
• Energy saving during standby: when the unit is in standby and no people are detected for more than 20 minutes,
the system will automatically switch to the energy saving mode reducing current consumption by about 80%.
• ECONO mode: reduces power consumption so that other appliances that need large power supply can be used.
• Dry programme: Daikin’s special dry programme reduces humidity in the rooms without variations in internal temperature.
• Quiet operation: lowers the indoor unit noise level by 3dB(A) by changing the fan speed.
• Self diagnosis digital display: in the unlikely event that an abnormality occurs, the LCD remote
controller displays the error code allowing prompt maintenance.
• Auto-restart function: after a power failure in the building, the system automatically
restarts to the setting in operation before the power failure.

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