Fujitsu ARYC90LHTA/AOYA90LALT (3 phase) 25KW 90,000btu High Static Duct Inverter System

High energy efficiency - Significantly greater efficiency is realised by using DC twin rotary compressor, all DC inverter technology and large heat exchanger.
Outdoor unit quiet operation - A low outdoor noise operation allows the outdoor unit to have two quiet mode operation settings.
Peak cut operation - A peak power consumption mode controls a 4 step outdoor operation control to cut down energy usage at peak energy usage times.
5 Static Pressure selection - Improvement and design flexibility has allowed multiple fan speeds and static pressure modes. Low noise is realised by adopting plastic case, plastic fan.
Easy Service & Maintenance - Split front panel allows for maintenance from top or bottom of the outdoor unit. Fan motors of the indoor unit can be removed separately.
Pursuance of amenity performance - Various remote controllers and sensors can be selected.

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