Fujitsu ASYG14LMCA/AOYG14LMCA 4KW 14,000btu Wall Mounted Standard Inverter System

High efficient compact design
More comfortable airflow
Powerful Operation - The system can operate for 20 minutes continuously at maximum air flow and compressor speed. This rapid cooling or heating ensures the room is made comfortable more quickly.
10°C HEAT Operation - The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10°C, thus ensuring that the room does not get too cold when not occupied.
• When the room temperature is higher than 10°C, “10°C HEAT” operation does not start. Operation starts and maintains the room temperature at 10°C for 48 hours when the temperature drops below 10°C.
• When “10°C HEAT” operation stops, the room set temperature quickly returns to the preset temperature.
Low noise mode for outdoor unit
The low noise mode of the outdoor unit can be selected by wireless remote controller.

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