Fujitsu AUYG54LRLA/AOYG54LETL 14KW 54,000btu Ceiling Cassette Inverter System

High efficiency turbo fan with 3-dimensional wing.

- Conventional turbo fan. Airflow through the heat exchanger is uneven.
+ New turbo fan. Balanced airflow around the wing and the heat exchanger increases efficiency.

- Conventional turbo fan. Airflow separation causes noise.
+ New turbo fan. Smooth airflow around the wing reduces noise.

- Conventional flap. Dirt accumulates on ceiling and airflow is poor.
+ New flap. Airflow avoids ceiling, avoiding the build up of dirt.

- Conventional flap. Temperature fluctuations occur.
+ New flap. Much less temperature irregularity occurs by spreading airflow widely.

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