Hitachi air conditioning RAK-50NH5 (5.0kW / 17000Btu) Inverter

The New Hitachi Summit range is highly economical and environmentally friendly, using the latest compressor and inverter technology keeping power consumption minimal, but at the same time providing you with powerfull cooling and heating.

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Enhanced inverter performance and system performance are achieved by the addition of a ?Direct Current? drive, resulting in up to 10% more efficient than standard 'AC' (Alernating Current) Systems.

The variable speed compressor(inverter) enables the system to rapidly reach the desired roomtemperature setting. Once the desired room temperature has been achieved the compressor rotationspeed is reduced, saving up to 30% in energy usage (when compared to standard fixed speed systems)

A bigger flap delivers air quickly to every corner of the room and the powerful, sweeping air flow eliminates dead zones and improves the cooling and heating effect.

The trapezoidal blades cut the air diagonally to minimise air resistance and the conical blade fan ensures a high airflow. With this diagonal air blow, less friction is caused, which reduces noise and improves efficiency. The fan diameter has been increased from the conventional 90mm to 100mm. 

Key Features

  • High CoP, up to record 2.81
  • Infra-red controller
  • Slim construction 183mm
  • Pipe runs up to 20 meters
  • Low noise 23dBA on low
  • Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Auto re-start after power interruption
  • PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 20 metres pipe length
  • Cleaner and healthier air with ion generator incorporated in indoor unit.
  • Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit

Technical Data

RAS Wall Mounted RAS-50NH5
Power source 1 ph 240V
Type  Inverter  rotary
COOLING (nominal) max. kW 5.0 / 16500 BTU
HEATING (nominal) max. kW 6.7 / 22110 BTU
UK Cooling (max) kW  5.2 / 17160 BTU
UK Heating (max) kW  8.1 / 26700 BTU
Fuse Rating 16A
E.E.R.  n/a
Energy label in heating  A
Energy label in cooling  A
C.o.P  3.24
ECA - Yes



Exterior dimensions (mm) 285 x 860 x 183
Net weight kg 9.5
Air flow rate* (cooling) (m3//min) 13.5/12.5/11.3
Air flow rate* (heating) (m3//min) 13.5/12.5/11.3


Exterior dimensions (mm) 650 x 850 x 298
Net weight kg 60
Power Source Rating MCB A 16A
Refrigerant max piping length m 20
Pipe sizes - 1/4" x  1/2"