LG A09RK.NSB/S09AK.UL2 ARTCOOL MIRROR 2.5KW 9,000btu full system

The LG ART COOL™ Mirror air conditioning range offers sleek, contemporary and minimalistic design. Available in silver, white and smoked mirror these innovative units efficiently cool without compromising on style.
These systems include active energy control, outdoor silent mode, Plasmaster ioniser & auto clean and 3M micro-protection filter

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Indoor Unit A09RK.NSB
Outdoor Unit S09AK.UL2
Cooling Capacity (Min/Rating/Max) (kW) 0.89~2.50~3.70
Heating Capacity (Min/Rating/Max) (kW) 0.89~3.2~5.0
Low Temp. Heating Capacity(-7ºC) (kW)_ 3.2
Power Input Cooling/Heating (W) 550/700
EER (W/W) 4.55
SEER 6.2
P design C (kW) 2.5
COP 4.57
P design H (kW) 3.2
Annual Energy Consumption Cooling/Heating (kWh) 142/1,120
Energy Label Cooling/Heating A++/A+
Power Supply (Ø / V / Hz) 1 / 220-240 / 50
Air Flow Rate Indoor,Max (m3/min) 12
Outdoor,Max (m3/min) 33
Sound Pressure Level Indoor,H/M/L/SL (dB(A)±3) 38 / 33 / 23 / 19
Outdoor,Max (dB(A)±3) 45
Sound Power Level Indoor,Max (dB(A)) 57
Outdoor,Max (dB(A)) 65
Operation Range Cooling(Outdoor) (°C) -10~48
Heating(Outdoor) (°C) -15~24
Compressor Type Rotary
Fan(Indoor) Motor Output (W) 20
Fan(Outdoor) Motor Output (W) 43
Running Current Cooling/Heating (A) 2.6/3.2
Starting Current Cooling/Heating (A) <2.6/3.2
Max Current Cooling/Heating (A) 6.0/7.0
Suggested Circuit Breaker Type C (A) 15
Power Supply to Outdoor
Interconnecting Cable 3-Core + Earth
Refrigerant Charge R410A (g) 1,000
Additional Refrigerant charge (g/m) 20 (>12.5m)
Piping Connections Liquid Side (mm(in)) 6.35(1/4)
Gas Side (mm(in)) 9.52(3/8)
Piping Length (Min/Max) (m) 02 / 20
Max. Elevation Difference (m) 10
Drain Hose(O.D / I.D.) (mm) 21.5 /16.0
Dimensions Indoor (WxHxD) (mm) 885x285x205
Outdoor (WxHxD) (mm) 770x545x288
Net Weight Indoor (kg) 10
Outdoor (kg) 32.3