Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDT50VF/SRC50ZJX-S 5KW 18,000btu Hyper Inverter Cassette System

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Individual flap control system

According to room temperature conditions, four

directions of air flow can be controlled individually by

following Flap control system.

As individual flap control is available even after

installation, installation area became wider than before.

Due to optimization of outlet design of air flow with our

new advanced technology, sufficient air flow is secured

and long reach of air flow is realized.


Flap control system

The flap can swing within the range of upper and

lower flap position selected with wired remote control.

(this system is applied for FDEN, SRK type also)

* Wireless remote control and RCH-E3 is not applicable to the Individual flap
control system and the Flap control system.


The thinnest design

Thanks to new design of heat exchanger changed from 2 parts to 1 part, the height of

indoor unit is reduced drastically.


High efficiency

Reduction of air flow pressure loss

Expansion of outlet air flow area realizes

reduction of pressure loss caused by air flow

in the indoor unit. Load of fan motor is

decreased and efficiency is increased.

Increase of heat transfer efficiency

Applying high efficient piping in heat exchanger and

optimization of heat exchanger (2parts ► 1part)

increases heat transfer efficiency.